Good morning!


You may ask why it is a good morning. I could give you the Gandalf spiel about mornings, but I will refrain.

I am awake. As I turn my head, the grace of God is far too great to count. I can begin to list all of God’s little showings of grace to me, but it would take all day.

As I have looked at this year with anticipation and joy and thankfulness, I also see discontent creeping in. It is the easiest thing to make New Year’s Resolutions, and it seems somehow even easier to break them. When 2016 rolled in, I didn’t make any hard and fast resolutions. However, I did make a small list of areas in which I want to grow. One of those areas is discipline.

Gross. Discipline. The dreaded word. It means you can’t do anything fun, right?

Totally wrong!

By exhibiting discipline in my homework and responsibilities, I have better time to do what I really want to do.

My dad always told me that I would be better off if I did my work before I did anything pleasurable, and he was right. He still is right.

Procrastination often leaves me feeling discontent. I put of my work for so long, but once I start it, I realize that it isn’t so bad after all. “If I had only done my homework first, then I would actually have to time to [blog, paint, write letters, read, bake, spend time with friends].

I don’t want to label myself as a procrastinator.

I want to know myself as someone who works hard and rests well. I want to say, at the end of the day, that I enjoyed the responsibilities and beautiful moments.

As I go through this year, I think the content of my blog will change a little bit. Not drastically. But I want to blog about the various things in which I find the joy of God. That means attempting to keep plants alive and being a giddy school kid when they bloom, and painting little pictures for people to brighten a letter.

And that means recognizing the grace of God in the little things. That means being disciplined in order to have time to look around me and appreciate the little things.

Sometimes, when I am on Pinterest or Facebook, I wish I had another’s life and beautiful moments. But more than that, I want my own beautiful moments. I wouldn’t trade my way of life for someone else’s. I just need to recognize the absolutely beautiful moments of my life by logging out of Facebook or closing Pinterest.

I have a beautiful life because Christ has redeemed me, and He has brought me before His throne and into His presence. He has blessed me by giving me a husband that encourages and challenges me towards Jesus. He has given me two families that serve the Lord and each other in beautiful ways. I have a beautiful life.

I will pause to see the beautiful moments.



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