My Pure and Holy Passion


Thanks for checking out my blog! It’s just getting started, so there isn’t much yet. And I’m still learning how to edit and change and customize something I’ve never worked with before. So, please excuse any rambling, craziness, or overall confusion in the way things are set up.

I’m Emily. I’m a sophomore in high school and I’ve been homeschooled since 1st grade. But I’m a very outgoing and social person. When I was little, I wanted to be a musician. But over the years, my passion to glorify God far exceeded my desire to go into the music business. I went through several years of wondering what I would do when I grew up. And I decided I didn’t have to know; I would wait on God to show me where He wanted me to be.

About a year, two years ago, I began to feel led towards youth ministry and thought it would be really cool to work with teenage girls after college. But this summer is when I really found what God wanted me to devote my life to. At a Global Youth Ministries camp last summer (2010), I really felt God calling me to minister to teenage girls, but I had no other details. When Roger Glidewell, the GYM founder and our main speaker for the week, talked about how a team of college students with GYM goes to China every year, it struck me. I felt this overwhelming sense of purpose. I knew that God was calling me to missions in China. While Roger was talking, one of the things I remembered about China was that there is a one-child policy. Because of many parents’ desire for a son to carry on the family name, many girls are sent to live in orphanages at young ages. I knew that this was where God wanted me, no matter how hard it was going to be.

After this realization and after I had had some time to reflect on everything a little bit, I realized that this was going to be no easy challenge. Chinese is no easy language to learn. In fact, it’s one of hardest. I found it a bit ironic that God was calling me to a place with a difficult language, because I don’t always want to do the things that take more effort or time. But I’ve realized that, as a Christian, I am called to face the hard things.

I would like to share my journey with you. As God teaches me, I’d like to encourage you with what He says and what His Word says. This is my Pure and Holy Passion.

Consumed by the Call,



One thought on “My Pure and Holy Passion

  1. Emily, we thank God for your commitment to Him and will be praying for you. Your Great-Grandmother Sarah would be so proud of you, as we are too.

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